All the seats were made into the chair seat.

The single room also corresponding to a small gathering.

It is the calm inside of a shop in which the bustle of a city is made to be left.

The menu in which the seasonal taste is located in a line

The specialty of the Shibuya shop, aside from the “Japanese cuisine” and “Dozeu”, is the wide variety of sashimi that are not served at our main shop.
Here, later than the main shop, we will be able to take your order until 9:30p.m., so please feel free to take your time to enjoy your food.

Store information

Large Map

Shibuya Store

Shibuya Shibuyaku,
Tokyo 1-5-9 Dougenzaka RengaBldg 4F

Business Hours

11:30〜21:30(Last order)22:00 closing
Open throughout the year
*New Year's Eve and the New Year's Day are closed.


The nearest train station is the Shibuya Station on
the Inokashira Line.

  • Reservations can be made for 2 or more people.
  • When reserving seats and ordering other than a set meal or course, each person will be charged 500 yen for the appetizers and the reservation fee.
  • After 3 pm, for other than course meals each person dining will be charged 300 yen per person for appetizers.
  • The Shibuya restaurant offers a different menu from that of the main restaurant.
  • All prices are shown without tax. The consumption tax will be added to the bill.